In Atala believe that e-bikes are the future of mobility for two wheels in low distance: that’s why in Atala have developed a complete range of e-bikes that satisfy every needs and every pockets, from sport MTB to comfort city bike.
For the year 2015 Atala expanded the range of the e-bikes: from the bicycles with the motor on the hub to the ones with Bosch electrical system, always at the top for the best performance and the driving feel, Atala also introduced the new electric system Shimano STEPS. The range of the bicycles fluctuate from 40 to 150 km depending on the conditions of use and the battery. In particular, lithium batteries are available in 36 V or 24 V which ensure long waist, reliability and high performance without great maintenance efforts. Depending on the type of sensor installed on the bicycle it is possible to choose the driving feeling of the bike: from more natural pedaling, typical of the electrical systems with torque sensor, to “vacuum” pedaling, which allows you to travel long distances without great efforts.
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