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Bluemec, thanks to his numerous partnership make use of a multi-year experience about devices for LPG and CNG vehicles conversion production and retail trade.

Constants synergies enables Bluemec to present itself on the international markets, where cng is a newswhorty alternative autotraction combustible, and result a leader factory for quality and technology innovation.

Bluemec are fruits of continuos experimentation and reasearch turn the client's absolute satisfaction, follow the technical evolutions and ECE/ONU R 67-01 standards, in regard with the most recent EURO3 and EURO4 antipollution european approvals. These systems allow also car conversion with a minimum performance waste and absolute reliance, the best energy saving and, therefore, less air pollution.

Thanks to a wholeheartedly and precise internal system quality, Bluemec warrent for every components during every moment of theri life: planning, marketing and post-sale support.

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