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From three generations Dellorto is focused on the alimentation systems production, ever winning the challenges proposed by customers and market.

In this year, it has been produced the first carburettor with acronym SC 26 and commercialized as Rex. The three promoters produced the first carburettors for the greatest motorcycles companies like Guzzi, Benelli, Piaggio and Aprilia. Dellorto covers all production phases - diecasting, mechanical machining, assembly - carrying out a strategy which is not limited to the components realization, but which controls the complete chain of production.


It began the production of high performances carburettors for sport applications. The new series of carburettors SS is born constructed in aluminum. The external treatment against the corrosion confers it a dark red coloration that will identify it also in time. To the series R it comes constructed one double float chamber in order to improve the constant maintenance of fuel level.


With the second generation, Dellorto extends its interest also in four wheels world, supplying companies like Innocents, Alpha Romeo, Ford, Lotus, Lancia and others. Starting from now Dellorto proceeds in parallel with the carburettors production both for motorcycles and passengers cars, enlarging its production also for industrial engines (mower, generator, etc..).


In this year is born a new specific component for the injection engine: the Throttle Body. Dellorto ever concentrated and interested in in new solutions, studies and projects products in partnership with the customers, obtaining quickly the better developments. Dellorto's engineers develop the best alimentation systems in the whole respect of planet.


Ever appreciated for its power, agility and simpleness qualities, the future of 2 stroke engines seemed to be compromised by the Euro 3 norms, compulsory from 2007. Facing the prejudices, Dellorto has designed and developed the Electronic Carburetion System (ECS), which, for the first time, has allowed to a 2 stroke engine to respect the new, heavy limits on pollution emissions. The ECS electronic control unit manages the injection and carburetion in function of engine turns and gas opening, following mappings similar to those used in an electronic injection system.


After passengers cars also motorcycle enter into the new technological era of Drive by Wire and Dellorto decides to use the know-how acquired in many years of experience in the 4-wheels world also in this field. Start of production for the new EGR valve, which allows to Dellorto to enlarge its products range for new generation diesel engines. Projects which have as headquarter the new Italian R D Centre, while partnerships ever more strong reinforce the growing moment of the company.


People Car, that's the name with which it has been called the new car model which is developing the automotive market in the emergent countries. Securely the Tata Nano car is the symbol of this new phase for the automotive industry and Dellorto projects and produces the Throttle Bodies used by the Indian constructor for alimenting this new car concept.


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