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Discacciati Brake System® started in 1984 the production of brakes equipment for racing Bike.
The experience of the founder and owner Mr. Enrico Discacciati as a racing pilot and after as racing brake system technician allow the Company to be immediately successful in the very competitive and demanding world of racing.
The Company supplied some racing team and racing pilot as well with full brakes equipment competing in many different categories such as GP, SBK, Supersport, Superstock, Supermotard.
The absolute high level of the technological background allowed also to developing new products like Foot Rest, Piastre di Sterzo, and other Accessories.
A very Customer oriented R&D Dept., and the highly performing production machines make all this possible to the Company.

The first product created by Mr. Enrico Discacciati was a Floating Disk for racing bikes. At that time there was no other solution for pilots.The Disks were substantially interchangeable with the original ones. The market was offering just the normal disk Brembo.When some new bikes arrived into the market (Suzuki, RGV e Yamaha OW 31,) Brembo disk couldn’t fit and the original ones had some problems, so the only way to get out of this was just producing disks tailor made.

The production started first for the more powerful bike and after also for minor categories such as Yamaha 250 and Honda 250.From the Floating Disk to the performance Caliper 4 piston the way was short, and in 1986 the Discacciati Brake System® started the production.

The Brake Pump was the next step to complete the brake system, from the traditional ones to the last generation of Radial Pump produced from solid Aluminum. At the beginning of ’90 the R&D had been also oriented to Moto Cross. Chemical analysis and stress analysis on different materials have been done to choose the best Steel for this application.
Finally in 2010 the Company proudly announced the new Radial Caliper Cross.

Today the Discacciati Brake System® is continuing the evolution of the brake systems developing new and extremely performing items perfectly interchangeable with the original:
Floating Disks, Calipers 4 and 6 Pistons, Smaller and Rear Calipers, Radial Pumps High Performance.
From 2007 the production line has been completed with Adjustable Foot Rest, Piaster Forcella, Fuel Caps and Wheels

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