Dr.Pulley Motorcycle Products

Dr.Pulley is specialized in designing, formulating and manufacturing self-lubricating plastic bearing components such as sleeve bushings, 
pivot bearings and guide rollers for many kinds of industrial applications which require low noise, low wear, maintenance free and self-lubrication.
Because of the best quality and reasonable prices, our products are very competitive in the related markets.
Our products are not only adopted by most domestic companies but also exported to Japan, US, China and Europe.

In addition to product design, armed with the professional knowledge and innovative ability, DR.Pulley also excel in improving the mechanical structures 
where their products are used. Here are some of Dr.Pulley patents that should interest you:

Adjustable Centrifugal Clutch
Sliding Centrifugal Drive Weights for Automatic Transmission
High Performance Continuous Variable Transmission

   « Self-lubricated pivot structure for cycle pedal »
   « Bi-directional position fixed bushing mechanism for rotating shaft »
   « Vane of rotary type compressor for air conditioner »
   « Consolidated self-lubricated piston ring for pneumatic tool »
   « Sleeve type bottom bracket for cycle »
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