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November 11, 1911: ECIE Ltd. founded by Mr. Luigi Delphi (president and owner)

1994: ADLER Spa comes as a new partner

2001: ECIE redeems shares Adler Spa

2002: Acquisition of ITI

2002: Birth of the brand ECIE citylights

2003: Expansion - New plant in Lainate

2004: Founding of the ECIE CHENGDU

2005: Sharing of ECIE in fusel

2005: Sharing of ECIE in CETRA

2005: Birth of the brand ECIE Engineering




Ecie's activity is inspired to the principles of “Economy of Communion”, the movement founded by Chiara Lubich.

Unlike the consumer economy, based on a culture of having, the economy of communion is the economy of giving; giving is not only intended as sharing profits with indigent people, but also as sharing of principles, problems and satisfactions among people, both internal and external to the Company. Human is the centre of each activity.

The attention given to human relationships, is transformed into attention to the Customer's needs and to the Supplier's problems. Our though is well expressed in the word ECIE : E nthusiasm – C ooperation – I nnovation – E ngagement.



Enthusiasm, Commitment, Humility, Sincerity

Ecie live together and share the adventure of a project, on the inside, with customers and suppliers in order to generate enthusiasm, creativity and commitment.

All the resources Ecie confront and work in teams to find the best solutions and propose that a product of the highest quality and reliability.

Ecie believes in the important attention given to human relationships, because the same results outside, attention to customer needs and problems of the supplier.


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