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EMMEGAS SpA is an Italian ISO9001 manufacturer with a long and consolidated experience into the automotive alternative fuel solutions (Lpg & Cng Conversion Kit). It was founded in 1993 by Mr. Medardo Landi.

Since the beginning, Emmegas S.p.A. set clear and precise objectives for a progressive and steady growth, especially focusing on the quality of the production and the control of the procedures.

Simultaneously to the enlargement and progressive completion of the range of products offered to the market, Emmegas S.p.A. got all the most important International homologations, to confirm the achievement of the highest level of reliability of the company and of its products.

At the end of year 2002, Emmegas moved to new and more functional premises, and this new headquarter allowed the realization of a modern R&D Centre equipped with a new roller bench for simulating road rides and testing the exhaust emissions of cars.

A new automated assembly line, completely controlled by PLC and outfitted with advanced testing equipments which grants the final inspection of 100% of production, completes the structure of a modern, customer oriented company, always in the forefront.

The maximization of the customer's satisfaction by projecting and manufacturing reliable and competitive products, which comply with International Standards and Antipollution Regulations.

The contribution to protect and preserve our environment by installing its LPG and CNG conversion kits, reducing the quantity of harmful exhaust emissions of the cars.

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