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In 1922 in Rigosa di Borgo Panigale, Bologna,
Celso Cesari began to manufacture ISOTTA bicycles and in 1923, encouraged by good business results, registered the trademark.With his team he took part in important races and competitions, including the Tour of Italy. He then began to extend the ISOTTA BICYCLES range, introducing new models onto the market (we recall the renowned COMETA and FARFALLINO bicycles) and bringing in a new concept used to this day by all bicycle manufacturers, the PIPA FRASTAGLIATA.
With the passing of the years market demands change and in 1946 Celso Cesari included in his production some moped models with the SAMP engine. Celso Cesari retired from the business in 1952 and his son, Gaetano, set up FIAR (Fabbrica Italiana Accessori Ricambi) located behind the ISOTTA workshop, which was producing spare parts for PIAGGO (Vespa) and INNOCENTI (Lambretta) scooters.
Afterr a few years, in 1958 to be precise, various sales outlets were opened: 3 shops in Borgo Panigale and Piazza Malpighi FIAR was a dealer for MOTO MONDIAL – MOTOCICLI M M – MOTO BARTALI – MOTO DEVIL – MOTO FRERA and their after-sales service workshops.
FIAR, run by Gaetano Cesari, became one of the biggest Italian manufacturers of accessories and spare parts for mopeds, including windscreens; silencers, rear-view mirrors, wheels, parcel shelves and Piaggio fairings, capturing a global market with exports accountingfor up to 72% of production.

FIAR progressed to a business with more than 90 employees.

As a result of the growth and success it achieved, the co,pany needed bigger and differently configured premises, so in 1969 Gaetano Cesari and his wife Sara founded FAR S.p.A., with a modern installation of 5,000 m2 (now 10,000 m2) at Zola Predosa (Bologna), 2 km from the previous site.
FAR S.p.A. is today he leading company in the production of: scooter rear-view mirrors; the preferred choice of the most famous manufacturers in Europeand beyond all-electric scooters.

Finally; we should mention the two sons Massimo and Marco Cesari. Massimo runs ISOTTA, manufacturer of windscreens for scooters, using hightech machinery.
The company emblem is a butterfly positioned centrally on all the market leader products,which are renowned for quality and style.

Marco, attorney for FAR S.p.A., has given the go-ahead for the ‘ecological’ renewal of the TWIP electrial scooters, whose wide, high quality range is designed for exceptional performances, and exported all over the world.

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