FG Special Parts was born in the early eighties thanks to Mr. Franco Gubellini's love for precision mechanics with the planning and manufacturing of special components for motorcycle racing. They distinguish themselves for proposing new ideas and specialize in the production of suspensions adding to the normal activity direct assistance to the riders on the race tracks.

In the mid-eighties FG Special Parts started the production of the 'racing' stands that immediately became successful. In a short time, thanks to a complete range, the stands optimized the equipments of the best motorbike workshop and spread in the garages of the keenest and most qualified motorcyclists. In the nineties Mr. Gubelllini decides to develop again his own ideas and projects for the professional motorbike dampers and a new production line is set up. At the same time he registers the patent for a new hydraulic piston which is immediately applied to the "racing" shock absorbers. In the year 2000 was born his trademark "FG Gubellini Suspension".

he company performs its business mainly in the after market, by proposing products ranging from monodampers to fork internal kits, from steering dampers to various types of stands. All over the years FG Gubellini Suspension receveis high estimation not only from the racing world but many times also from the technical press, in particular the German press. In four separate comparative tests of specialized magazines (the fortnightly MOTORRAD and the monthly PS) of the same publisher, the FG Gubellini Suspension dampers always turned out to be the best. In proposing specific dampers for the most widespread motorcycles on sale, FG Gubellini Suspension reinterprets the whole motorbike cycling with original projects optimizing its dynamic working so that Mr. Gubellini calls his mission "suspension global system".

This specialisation allows the company to propose itself as an heir of the best Italian tradition, fruit of tradition and of the most modern and advances technology in this field. Today the FG Gubellini Suspension, in his head quarters of 1200 square meter, is a dynamic company. The capillary commercial network in italy and a very professional importers network in Europe and all over the world make all the range very appreciated in all five continents. The FG Gubellini Suspension produces with an extreme rigour, the only condition to guarantee the high technological contents of his production. In the same time we follow a dream: riding bikes tiring to accomplish your driving stile, evermore sportive, safe, beauty, fast, in one word: unique.

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