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Back in 1950’s, Alessandro Barbero began a small business relining used brake shoes. The brake lining were fitted to used shoes accurately prepared. In no time at all, demand outstripped supply and one of the Europe’s first factories for bonding friction material was set up.

The new gravity die-cast and high pressure die-cast shoes were fitted with flexible brake linings using a revolutionary new adhesive from the USA.He was the first to assemble brake shoes without the use of rivets.
This was followed by a flurry of other innovations: brake shoes were supplied in boxed sets,  complete range of brake shoes to cover all the models on the market, final grinding operation to ensure that the shoes would fit the drums more accurately anti-acqua friction material was introduced for use in difficult conditions (water inside the drums and so on).
The company is now lead by  Valter Barbero (son of the founder), who remains faithful to the company’s tradition activities, but these are being refined with the introduction of new technology.The Cirié factory covers 10.000 m2 with more than 6.000 m2 of buildings. The new production linse turn out brake shoes, pads, back plates, clutch plates and their parts, brake discs and brake assemblies
To be competitive nowadays involves more than just giving the market what it wants.  These days, you must also pay particular attention to your relationship with the end-user.
This requirement fits easily with our traditional belief that we must be receptive to requirements of the riders who use Newfren products.
This shows itself in our enthusiasm for developing new products, and our continuous program of testing both on the highway and off-road, for which we have enlisted the assistance of specialists taking part in competition at the highest international level.
This has kept us on our toes, with a consequent steady improvement in our quality standards. Continuing investment in our Italian plant shows that Newfren intends to face up to the threat from competitors operating in low-cost economies to maintain its Italian traditions.
As a result of this, Newfren S.p.A. is still a world leader in the motorcycle spares after-market.

The Newfren product range is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of health and environmental legislation.
The modern production facilities satisfy all the requirements of the latest laws concerning respect for the environmental and also provide excellent working conditions for Newfren staff.

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