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The forties, second post war period, the rebuilding, Italy on the bicycle. Daddy Polini Battista comes back from the front and starts to construct bicycles. They are needed and well sold. Bicycles for workers, strong, to be used on beaten tracks, on the rise, on the pavé. The frame bears the ram, not the zodiacal sign, but the battalion coat of arms where daddy said "bye" to his youth.

Then we came: Carlo, Franco and Piero. And then, lads, we went down to the shop to help: the work, our craft, so that the passion for the two-wheels and the mechanics grew into us. When, at the end of the fifties, thanks to the economical boom, people started to buy the first mopeds, the "vespa" and the "lambretta", we were already prepared, we were forward, and daddy with us. There is nothing to do: if you have something in the blood, sooner or later it comes out. With the time we dispersed, we also betrayed mopeds for cars but it could not be forever as our desire was there, with motorcycles: the passion, all our experience. One of us, Piero, started racing. First seventies, rock music, miniskirts, maxiskirts, Ancillotti bikes, the modified Sachs engine, shift at seven gears. "Piero" won 3 "Italian Enduro titles" and from then it has been impossible to count victories: two hundred, three hundred, maybe more.

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