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Skyrich lithium ion battery is a great powersport replacement battery for any other conventional lead-acid battery like Yuasa, Bosch, Unibat, Fiamm etc. Get improved performance from your vehicle purchasing a Skyrich Battery. All batteries go through a rigorous quality control process. You can be assured that when you purchase a Skyrich battery you are getting high quality and high performance power sport battery.

There are no poisonous substances like cadmium, lead, or mercury found in our lithium batteries. If our battery dies, use it as a fertilizer and put it in a flower pot. Our lithium batteries contain phosphate, iron, and lithium. These organic salts are nontoxic for the soil, plants, and the environment.

Skyrich batteries are smaller in size than conventional batteries. And lighter too. But they pack a whole lot of power for a pocket-sized dynamo. For use in most powersport vehicles for land, sea, and snow, lithium ion batteries are safe to use. Safe because our batteries are noncombustible and nonexplosive. The batteries are acid-free. There is no spillage of hazardous chemicals, and they have a longer shelf life.

Advantages of Lithium Ion Batteries for Motorcycles and Scooters:

• Less volume and weight - 1/3 of normal lead-acid battery
• No pollution - does not contain any acid and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, hydrargyrum (mercury)
• No spill - no acid inside, no leak problems • Super cranking power - cranking current greater than 40C (lead-acid battery 10C)
• Quick recharge with big current - rechargeable with 10C current and 90% recharged within 6 minutes
• Excellent cycle life - more than 2000 cycles under JISD standard (lead-acid battery only 150-300 cycles)
• Longer shelf life - more than one year (lead-acid battery 6 months)
• Superb performance - still performs at high temperatures of 60-80C
• Save energy - stable discharge voltage and lower internal resistance • Highly safe - nonexplosive and noncombustible

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