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The website www.newtechautomotive.com is administered by Newtech Automotive s.r.l., an Italian company with headquarters in via Spagna 25, 56032 z.i. Cascine di Buti (PI), VAT number: 01627510504 - REA: PI-142020 - CS: 21.000 € I.V.

Access to the contents of the web site is subject to careful reading and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use. Use of the Site implies full acceptance of the Conditions.

1 - General conditions

All contractual agreements between Newtech Automotive S.r.l and purchasers are based exclusively on these General Terms and Conditions. Any amendments and collateral agreements are only valid with the written consent of Newtech Automotive S.r.l. management.

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall apply to the sale of goods with exclusive reference to purchases made on the www.newtechautomotive.com website in accordance with the provisions of Part III, Title III, Chapter I, Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. 206/05 amended by Legislative Decree no. 21/14 and Legislative Decree no. 70/03).

2 - Languages

The items sold on our web site are shown in five languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish and French.

3 - User registration on the web site

Registration at www.newtechautomotive.com is available for both private and professional users. Registration is not strictly necessary for purchases made by end users, although it is recommended, but it is indispensable for professional users.

For both categories, a form is available online where you can enter your data and request registration. Registration and the consequent activation of the reserved area takes place in real time for the end user, while it will take more time for professional users. May also be asked for additional documentation to a B2B user. 

B2B account will be kept active as long as the customer use B2B area to place regular orders. In case of prolonged inactivity, the account will be closed and the user will have to make a new activation request to access to the reserved area.

The data will always be managed in accordance with the provisions of our privacy policy, which can be found in a separate document.

4 - Prices

The valid prices are those indicated in our online shop in Euro currency. All prices are valid at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Any errors in the publication of the prices do not imply automatic acceptance of the order and shipment of the goods by Newtech Automotive S.r.l.

All offers are subject to change without notice and are to be considered an invitation to purchase.

Clarification on incidental charges that may apply to the products: For shipments outside the European Community, as provided by the international freight laws, duties, taxes and import charges are not included in the price of the item or in the shipping cost. You may therefore be responsible for these charges in your own country, so please check with your country's customs office before placing your order what the additional charges/costs will be.

5 - Products

The products available for purchase on www.newtechautomotive.com are new, free of defects, packaged in a workmanlike manner and covered by legal guarantees.

N.b.: small changes to the products, made for technical reasons or due to further development or improvement, may be made without prior notice by the manufacturers who are not obliged to give notice. The product images published may therefore not show the current product and are indicative of the product.

6 - Payments

Payment can be made online with American Express, Diners, Visa and Mastercard credit cards through the paypal circuit or by bank transfer.

In order to guarantee the greatest possible security in transactions, payment by credit card is made through the service provided by the company PayPal, which specialises in managing online payments. The credit card data are therefore managed by this company and are not in any case communicated to Newtech Automotive S.r.l.

It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to pay using this system.

Payment by bank transfer in advance can be made using the following bank details


IBAN:  IT65X0856270910000000019466

S.W.I.F.T. Bank Identifier Code (BIC): ICRAITRRPSA

With this payment method, the order will be processed after the amount due has been credited to our current account.


6-a Order payment and transport costs for business customers (B2B)

Orders confirmed by a business company must be paid after receipt by e-mail of the invoice including shipping cost.

Payment can be made by credit card American Express, Diners, Visa and Mastercard through the paypal circuit or by bank transfer using the following data:.


IBAN:  IT65X0856270910000000019466


In case of payment by advanced bank transfer, the order will be processed only after the amount due has been credited to our current account.


7 - Orders

The customer may purchase the goods sold through the http://www.newtechautomotive.com website at the price indicated in Euros by following the procedure indicated on the website itself. Once the articles of interest have been identified and placed in the shopping cart, using the "Add" cart button,

At any time, the customer may modify the contents of the basket by increasing or decreasing the quantities present or completely erase the items.

The customer can proceed to the conclusion of the order through the Check out procedure. During this procedure the customer can check the accuracy of the data and, if necessary, update them.

At the end of the check out procedure, the customer, by clicking on the "pay now" button, will unequivocally express his intention to purchase the product or products contained in the cart.

Sale shall be deemed concluded with the sending by Newtech Automotive S.r.l. to the Customer of an e-mail confirming the order.  The e-mail shall contain the Customer's details and a summary of the order placed.

The Customer undertakes to verify the correctness of the data contained in the mentioned e-mail and to promptly communicate any modifications.

At the same time as sending the goods, the Customer will receive a final invoice which must be kept because this document is the only guarantee relating to the products sold and therefore must be presented in the event of requests for returns under warranty.


8 - Delivery of goods and risks

The goods are shipped from our warehouse located in Via Spagna 25, 56032, z.i. Cascine di Buti (PI).

For national and international deliveries we rely on the best express couriers available.

Our fowarders :

Courier   Shipment research
National shipments http://as777.brt.it/vas/sped_numspe_par.htm?lang=it
National shipments https://www.gls-italy.com/it/servizi-per-destinatari/ricerca-spedizione/
International shipments http://www.dhl.it/it/express/ricerca.html
International shipments




Estimated delivery dates are not binding in case of exceptional events or delays due to unforeseeable conditions by the seller or even when these unpredictable conditions derive from the suppliers or manufacturers of the items purchased. In this situation, delivery may be delayed for an acceptable lead time.

Newtech Automotive S.r.l. will make partial deliveries only after an explicit agreement with the purchaser.

Newtech Automotive S.r.l. has the right to offer alternative products of the same value and quality when the product originally requested can no longer be supplied.

The risk of accidental loss of goods is transferred to the purchaser when the goods leave the Newtech Automotive S.r.l. warehouse. It is therefore advisable to always insure your shipments. The cost of insurance is never included in the shipping costs so, if the customer wants to proceed in this sense, it is necessary to specify it in the field "message for shipping" that is available at the step 2 of the check out.


Important : If damage occurs during transport, the buyer must report the damage immediately to the carrier otherwise the insurance cover may not be recognised.

If, on delivery of the package, there is obvious damage to the packaging, we recommend that you always follow these simple instructions:

- Accept with reservation, i.e. the parcel is accepted by the recipient, but before signing the document you must write "I accept with reservation", so that once the parcel has been opened and any damage found, you can be compensated for the damage suffered.

- Reject damaged goods if it is clearly impossible to accept the package with reservation or if the damage is anyway visible without having to open the package.

Newtech Automotive S.r.l. is responsible for damages only as the result of wilful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the company itself. Any delivery errors must be reported to Newtech Automotive S.r.l. immediately in order to promptly agree on a replacement delivery.  If Newtech Automotive S.r.l. is responsible for the error, delivery of the replaced parts shall be made free of charge.


9 - Ownership of the goods

All the goods delivered remain property of Newtech Automotive S.r.l. until the transfer of ownership, which occurs at the time of total payment. In the event of late payment, Newtech Automotive S.r.l. may request the Customer to return the goods not paid for.

10- Warranty

Newtech Automotive S.r.l. is able to handle warranty requests with the replacement or repair of defective products.

Newtech Automotive S.r.l. guarantees defective or damaged goods within the legal warranty period of two years for end users and one year for professional users with VAT number.

This guarantee shall apply to products that present conformity defects and/or malfunctions that were not detectable at the time of purchase, provided that the product itself has been used correctly and with due diligence, i.e. in compliance with its intended use and with what is set out in the technical documentation, if any, and in accordance with the various operating rules indicated there in.

The above mentioned warranty shall not apply in the event of negligence or carelessness in the use and maintenance of the product.

If attempts to repair or replace defective products fail within a reasonable period of time, the purchaser may request a discount in the purchase price or cancellation of the order.

Excluded from the warranty are damages attributable to delivery when the goods are not delivered directly by us.

All tuning parts and accessories that do not have a homologation certificate have to be considered for racing use only. Newtech Automotive S.r.l. is therefore not responsible for any damage resulting from improper use of the above-mentioned special parts.




11 - Right of withdrawal

In accordance with the legal provisions in force, ref. legislative decree no. 206/2005, the end user Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 14 days from the date of delivery of the products.

The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

- The right of withdrawal applies to the product in its entirety and not to parts or components of it;

- In the case of promotions or combined promotional sales, where the purchase of an item is associated with another item that is sold at a derisory price (or given away as a gift), the right of withdrawal may be legitimately exercised only by returning both items purchased (given the constraint of the accessory nature of the promoted item compaired the first one).

The return modalities will be confirmed to the Customer by Newtech Automotive S.r.l. once the return authorisation request has been received, which must always be made in writing, by addressing the request to [email protected]  with the subject "Return request for withdrawal".

The products must be returned in a substantially intact condition, complete with original packaging and with all the contents included in the original packaging (manuals, certifications, leaflets, stickers, screws, etc.). The products, carefully packed, must be sent at the Customer's expense to Newtech Automotive S.r.l. Via Spagna 25 Z.I. Cascine di Buti (PI).

Without prejudice to any costs of damage restoration, the refund of the product will be made within 30 days of receipt of the goods in our warehouse.

12 - Additional rules or regulations

All commercial and legal relationships are under Italian legal jurisdiction.

For all direct or indirect contractual conflicts, the place of jurisdiction is the address of the company:






Any clarification, information on the assistance services or any complaints may be requested or made to Newtech Automotive S.r.l. at its headquarters located in Via Spagna 25, 56032, z.i. Cascine di Buti (PISA) and by e-mail at the following address: [email protected]

Copying, printing and use, even partial, of the contents of this website is permitted only with written permission from Newtech Automotive S.r.l.

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